Download Darksiders last version 2022 for PS4 and windows Devices


Darksiders 2022 is a video game published by Vigil Games, it is classified under the banner of shooting games, the story generally revolves around the post-apocalyptic Earth where humanity faces extinction and only a few of them remain and the angels are fighting in a lost cause against armies of demons from to rule the world, from among those Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse charged with wiping the world.

Darksiders 2022 is a game that enables you to experience role-playing in a new and wonderful way, the player can control one of the knights of the Apocalypse, the game offers unique playing methods and equipment, the playing method is represented in the war style and so in sword fighting, there are other weapons that the player can equip, including: Dalk Sickle and Pistol In Darksiders II, death can use two machetes as its weapon, and in Darksiders III, Fury uses a whip and magic to destroy its enemies.

The games are all similar in gameplay, where players have a wide world to explore, and it is necessary for them to solve various puzzles in order to help them advance, there are boxes containing dead souls and players can find them to use to buy many items and upgrades, boss battles  It is the focus of the game, where players must learn their weaknesses in order to cause the most damage.

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